I really don't know what I'm doing with this so it's gonna be a shitty blog type of thing I guess.

All Dark Souls games are Danke
The Dank Souls series is the besto game I've played, it's pretty well know for it's difficulty. They also have a side game caled Bloodborne which is my personal favourtie since it has really smooth combat and really nice visuals. Back to Danke Souls. It's pretty much the same as BloodBorne except Souls has a more medievil style of combat unlike BloodBorne which is more fluent and Victorian esque. Plus for me to stick with the series for like 4 years with out getting bored is something, the story is danke aswell.

I am weeb trash

Ye, idk, who cares I guess

Somehow I am married to a Puerto Rican dude

Once again I really don't know, he's called Slim moist if that's anything interesting

Hyperdimension Neptunia is best game series

Hyper Nep is pretty much a JRPG where everything and everything is turned into anime grils. It breaks the 4th wall a shit ton and is just a fun to play game despite the first games mass grinding. It also includes the best thing ever Vert of whom I can't get a image of :/ I'll dedicate a massive chunk of writing to her later and how she is the best.

Best weebimes are Hyperdimension Neptuina, Bongo Stray dogs, Dankganronpa and Higurashi. lolmao

Yeah I mean I already talked about Hyper Nep

Bongo is a sorta comedy mystery action something idk, all I can say is it's fucking hilarious my dude. (couldn't get a image.)

Dankganronpa or Dangan Ronpa is uhh well shit. Dangan Ronpa is literally the best animu ever. At first it seems nice and innocent but that goes out the window fast, then comes a series of murders and then comes the amazing mystery. It's currently airing its 3rd season(s) I guess and uhh holy fuck they writers are evil, they killed off two of the fan favourites in a row (amazing may I add). But Yeah Dankeganronpa, Despair, depression and lots of death my dudes.

Higurashi is a old weebime, probably the best psycholigical mystery I've seen. I can't say it's plot cause spoilers. It does a good job changing the atmosphere from a nice happy vibe too uhh torture by ripping off fingernails, crows earting out the intestines of young girls and more gruesome stuff

Hyper Nep's animu OP is the Dankeiest

Idk, it's catchy, what can I say about some random ass Japanese song.

Since I've been at a lack of motivation while making this shitty page I've been doing weeb shit. Mainly watching JoJo, watching super buff and muscular men beat the shit out of each other is rather entertaining. Sub is better than the Dub of course as per usual.

Probably gonna also watch Durarara since it's long and quite fun my dude. There is also this dude who is insanely strong who pretty much lifts cars and throwsthem like its nothing and a edgelord. I've also noticed all the main/side characters are really awesome and likeable, there is one scene where these dudes are selling drugs to chicks and he just beat the shit outta all of them. Gotta love mafia member characters, it completely ruins the stereotypical image.

oh yeah one part of the story is that there is a gang called the Dollars who are supposedly evil, wrong the gang was made by the MC who is the nicest guy ever and he made the gang to change the image of gangs sadly they pretty much recruited anyone and it became tainted, they did return it to it's pure self eventually.
It's got really fancy music too, jazz type thing. I also read Uzumaki it's pretty much a city condemned by Spirals, a really intresting read, It's got a weird ending tho.

Side note Dangan Ronpa's makers are amazing and massive trolls (Yes this has no context idc)

91 days is rather unique, it's like a mafia type of revenge thing. Gotta finish it before I can gove a opinion but yeah.

Danganronpa 3 is basically over and we have been told that there was no killer at all sorta, one of the characters makes brainwashing videos for the main villan (the thing is the villans are the two I suspected right at the start) then after a certain time period all the characters are put to sleep and whoever is closest to a monitor is woken up show a video that drives them into despair then they are given a knife which they kill them selves with. It really wasn't what I expected like fuck me the writers are amazing at fucking with your mind.

I should just make a page jerking off how good Danganronpa is like damn, it's the holy grail of weeb trash. Which I mean is true.

I started Mob Psycho 100, so much better than OPM yet less popular for some reason. Plus it's art style changes based on what is happening in the show which personally I love.



Persona 4 is lit boi, the story isn't the best but damn the characters are amazing. Art style be danke af, comedy oh god it's great. A lot of it relies on the characters which brings them out even more making them even more amazing and the fight scenes never seem to get old part of that is probably because of the meaning of the fights they all add more to the characters since the fights are agaisnt thier own emotions which they refuse to accept. I'd say my favourite is the guy who is all rough n' tough on the outside but he forces the kind side inside him which is actually a masochistic/sadistic gay dude. The whole show is a blast kinda makes me upset that I haven't played the games.

I guess I'll leave the weeb shit for a bit and go to games since its like the only other thing that I do.

firstly bitching about what platform is better is stupid so I dont really care on that front.

I really wanna play the original Corpse Party games, I love horror and gore and that game is incredibly brutal so obviously I need to play the hell out of it.

I've already mentioned Persona but yeah I really need to play all 5 when the 5th is available and when I have money.
Time for more mainstream games I guess.

Overwatch, yeah it's a mix of fun and triggering especially when you can't run it on your PC so you have to play it on console -.-, despite that the game is stunning and enjoyable (sometimes). Quick play is awful and I dont play it enough so I can't play comp yet but once I have I'm gonna play the hell out of Mercy cause she's besto gril. Other than that it's a solid game, the servers could do some work and the tick rate and a few other things but it's a decent game.

No i did not draw this I am way to untalented for that.

Speaking of Overwatch Hi-Rez made a game called paladins, it's basically Overwatch and a League Of Legends mix but its pretty much the same as Overwatch just with awful balancing and really bad servers. It is beta so hopefully they work on these things then it can be a good game but until then it's meh.

I guess I have always wanted to make a sword fighting game, at some point I had a idea to make a Left for Dead, Chivalry, Killing Floor, CoD Zombies and Dark Souls sort of blend. Sadly I can't make games or animate so I'm screwed. It was fun to imagine it in my head and stuff

I haven't actually played any Metal Gear Solid games which I myself and amazed about since I love the series I have MGS2 which sucks but hey it's something right. I have played Metal Gear Rising Revengence and holy fuck shit that game is fantastic and the music, mpph.

Oh the Black Ops 3 zombies DLC 4 is gonna be out for Xbox soon. Been saving up a load of liquid divinium to get some good gobblegums.

And I have run out of things to talk about until I watch Cowboy Bebop which I've heard is a masterpiece so I should love it. Gotta be better than any of the mordern mainstream trash.

I guess for now I might just talk about YouTubers or something, got nothing else to do tbh.
I think one of my longest running youtubers of whom I've followed is Generation Hollow. He is pretty much how I got into Dark Souls 4 years ago and also found the holy game known as BloodBorne.
There is Also Muselk or Moose-Tits as his meme name. He makes Overwatch videos? That's all I can say I guess.
And Jev, mmph that man is great. Even though he is a part of FaZe and I dont really like FaZe he is something else, he doesn't even belong there. Like you have FaZe then just Jev.

Copyright is so dumb Can't even get most of the images I want :/ RIP.

The finale of Danganronpa seems to happy, the show was episode was called hope so it's to be expected and it was a nice end but it doesn't feel fitting.

Bebop time :D. Starts out with sad music and a gunfight then a very nice OP. And it has guns and and fightinh and space a nice OST, I see why this is so damn popular. Not much story but I do know the MC is a bounty hunter and a good one at that. Guess I'll see how it goes.

I started re-watching Kiznaiver 'cause I remember it being really good and it had a intriguing plot, I'mnot one to rewatch shows but for some reason I am fine with this show.

Oh that's right I said I'd talk about Vert. Might make a online folder with some pics of her. Anyway about Vert. She is literally the female embodyment of me at least personality wise plus her character is just pure entertainment. Now the reason why I link our personalities is pretty much because she is major nerd level, like stay up for 3 days straight playing games and still somehow can function somewhat normally. There are a few other reasons why I adore her character too lazy to type everything about a drawing out. One day when I don't suck at art I want to attempt to draw her it'll probably be a fail but hey.

I guess I'll put all or some HTMLs here to the games,manga wikis,anime wikis and links to read and watch them for the -1% that are intrested.

Hyperdimension Neptunia
Bongo Stray Dogs
Hyper Nep's Opening.
JoJo's Bizarre adventure Mangos
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Animu
91 Days
Mob Psycho 100
Persona 4
Corpse Party (warning Corpse Party is very gore filled so yeah if you aren't into lots of blood and guts I'd skip this)
Cowboy Bebop