Pacman chases and eats ghosts and dots. Repeatative music is played in the background. He has a wife. Pacman is a popular arcade game, developed and released in japan 1980. the game is available as an arcade game, Android app, nintendo and more.

The aim of the game is to eat as many of the dots and to catch the four ghosts, pinky, inky, blinky, clyde. Pinky is pink, Inky is blue, Blinky is red, and Clyde is orange.

The designer of Pacman is a man called Toru Iwanti. Toru Iwanti is best known as the creator of Pacman and Pole position. He is a former Japanese video game designer, he was promoted in the ranks of Namco, after some time he was responsible for over seeing the administration of the company. Toru Iwani never recieved any significsnt profit from Pacman, saying that there was no change in his salary, no rewards, he was just an employee. Iwatani left Namco in march 2007.
The first highest score in Pacman is 3,333,360, acheived by Billy Mitchell in 1999 at Funspot Family Fun center in New Hampshire on July 3rd 1999. As of August 2015 he now shares this championship with 6 other players.



On June 3rd 2010, at the festival of games, Iwatani recieved a certificate from Guinness world records for Pacman having the most "coin operated arcade machines" installed world wide, with a total number of 293,822. the record was set and recognized in 2005, and recorded in the guinness world records gamers edition 2008. The number of coin operated machines will have most likely gone up a few in the past 11 years.