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History of Marvel

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1940-50's During the second world war, Marvel started to do comics that would link things that may have happened during the war. In this period, this featured Captain America, Namor the Sub-Marirrer and the first ever Human Torch. Together with Cap and Torch's partners Bucky and Toro, they formed a team called the Invaders a force that battles evil villians that worked for the Nazis which includes the Red Skull and Baron Zemo.when the war was over, Cap's body was so frozen that it ended up in supended animation so that he lived for years to come. He was in the Artic for years until the Avengers found him just as the world changed since World War Two.
1960-2000 The 1960's was when Marvel started to show some of the famous names currently in the Marvel universe featuring Spider-man, Iron-man,Thor, Doctor Strange as well as teams such as the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the X-men and the Defenders. It was the first time that Marvel were doing special events that links everyone's favourties together. the first event was the first ever event was the first Secret Wars in which the Beyonder wanted to see who will win in the battle between Good and Evil. Years later, the Second Secert Wars appeared when the Beyonder went to visit earth which caught the attention for both Heroes and Villians. The other events also include the Infintly Gauntlet which sees our heroes up against Thamos, The Contest of Champions see the heroes split into two teams:one team repersented by the Grandmaster and one team represented by Death.
2000 to 2017 After the 2000, the universe changed with the return of the Avengers just as Civil War was about to rip the team apart: one team supporting the act and one team going on the run from the law. Then come both World War Hulk and Secret Invasion. Next the Dark Regin rises all over the Marvel Universe for a while as it was ended in Seige.Just as everything is back to normal, the Fear Itself appeared along with the AVX event. After that, the AXIS event changed the universe before it have been replaced by battleworld during the secret war. Currently,Our heroes are having another Civil war: This time it is over one of the inhumans who can predict the future for some of our heroes.